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New book, One Canada, Creating the Greatest Country on Earth, published to advance a vision of creating a stronger and united Canada, out of the dysfunctional federation of ten provinces and three territories.

Mississauga, January 6, 2005 - One Canada offers a new paradigm in governance for a stronger, more prosperous and united Canada. Reduced bureaucracy, preferential balloting, government services fee instead of taxation, free education including post secondary, and a national guaranteed income plan are the five principles of the

The 5 Paradigms of One Canada

Replace Taxation with a Government Services Fee;

Government provides a myriad of services to meet our needs, paid for by all forms of taxation. Every person and corporation use government services. Forced to pay taxes through payroll deduction and sales tax levies, we have few choices and meager financial means to engage in tax reduction strategies of large corporations and wealthy Canadians, many of whom do not pay taxes. Everyday government looses money;from sales taxes collected

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