We live in a great country; it is like no other.  Any person can get and stay elected with the help of money that controls politics. Our standard of living is high, with higher than necessary taxes. We have people working full-time yet they, and more than one million children live in poverty. There are people starving and homeless in one of the richest countries on Earth. Many College and University students graduate with education loans larger than some home mortgages. Bureaucracy on top of bureaucracy, (Red Tape) is stifling innovation, limiting prosperity, creating inequalities and widening the chasm between the people, business and government. 
The 5 Paradigms of One Canada

1. Replace Taxation with a Government Services Fee;

Government provides a myriad of services to meet our needs, paid for by all forms of taxation. Every person and corporation use government services. Forced to pay taxes through payroll deduction and sales tax levies, we have few choices and meager financial means to engage in tax reduction strategies of large corporations and wealthy Canadians, many of whom do not pay taxes. Everyday government looses money; from sales taxes collected and not remitted; from the cash economy where sales taxes are avoided; from other tax avoidance schemes that companies and individuals are engaged in. The list goes on. Those who do not pay taxes, forces others to pay more than they should. All of us use government services and all must pay a Government Service Fee, based on a percentage of our spending, regardless of our position in society.

  • Every person and corporation pays the Government Services Fee;
  • Government services fees collected by our banks;
  • Reduced collection points from 20 million taxpayers to handful of banks;
2.Electoral Reform

Over generations, our antagonistic parliamentary system of governance created the dysfunctional governance we are witnessing today.  No work experience is required of a person seeking political office; Election called at the behest of the Prime Minister; Candidate nomination process fraught with corruption. Where in the world of business and governance do we elect or appoint a governing body with two groups constantly fighting against each other?  

  • Fixed election dates every five years;
  • Qualification for candidate seeking elected office;
  • Preferential Balloting; votes weighted in order of preference by voter;
  • Eliminating political contribution by individuals and corporations;
  • Financing election and political parties directly from the government treasury.
3.Guaranteed Annual Income;

Government provides numerous services designed to help the disadvantaged, injured, incapacitated, ill, elderly, children and students; each program having an operational bureaucracy  sucking money from the program without any benefit to those in need of help. We must roll-up all social programs into a guaranteed annual income, payable to all persons twenty years and over. 

  • One program to provide financial assistance to those that are in need;
  • Reduction bureaucracy, with savings going directly to beneficiaries;
  • Every person will have greater responsibility for managing their own financial affairs;
  • Less dependence on government handouts;
  • De-politicize implementation and delivery of social services.
4. Free Education up to one Post Secondary Program;

Education is a right, not a privilege. Various technological revolutions have been the driving force behind the growth of nations throughout the past two centuries. These revolutions propelled Canada to a quality of life far greater that our population size suggest we should be enjoying.  Manufacturing is now the prevue of nations with the cheapest manual labour and degrading employment and environmental standards. Canada cannot compete with these nations for manufacturing jobs that are easily outsourced. We need a highly educated and skilled workforce. 

  • Highly trained workforce capable of advanced research and development;
  • High value development to sell around the world;
  • Attracting the best scientist from around the world;
  • Highly educated population will
    1. reduce the need for many social services;
    2. generate government revenues through employment;
    3. created more independent thinkers;
5. National and Local Government;

Our Federal, Provincial, Regional and City governance structure is supplemented by quasi-government bodies and its bloated bureaucracy. In the 21st century, Canada needs only two levels of government, National and Local.

  • National government manages national and international affairs;
  • Works with the municipal governments to develop national programs
  • Programs delivered by the local governments;
  • Most municipal department mirror national departments in name and functions;
  • More money for programs to benefit all Canadians and Businesses organization.   

  The 5 Paradigms of One Canada allows:

  • government to develop the governance structure necessary to propel Canada to Greatness;
  • reduced bureaucracy, while increasing programs and service levels to the people;
  • billions of dollars saved by governments, people and businesses;
  • people and corporations to control their destiny;
  • Canadians to control the amount of government services fee paid;
  • Democracy to be practiced at “street level” closest to the people and not in government institutions isolated from the people.



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