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New book, One Canada, Creating the Greatest Country on Earth, published to advance a vision of creating a stronger and united Canada, out of the dysfunctional federation of ten provinces and three territories.

Mississauga, January 6, 2005 - Canada. Reduced bureaucracy, preferential balloting, government services fee instead of taxation, free education including post secondary, and a national guaranteed income plan are the five principles of the new paradigm in governance. 
Amalgamating all levels of government into two will offer better management and delivery of government services, with a significant reduction of government and corporate bureaucracies.

Increasing antipathy towards politicians, and apathy to politics and the political process, is killing democracy. Politicians and governments have lost the trust and respect of Canadians. One Canada envisions preferential balloting elections where candidates are ranked and elected in order of voter preference.Government collect “taxes” for services delivered, even as Canadians believe “taxes” still belong to the people. One Canada envisions replacing all forms of taxation with a “Government Services Fees” paid by every individual and corporation.  In the present regimen of taxation, a person not paying taxes forces others to pay more than their share of taxes, making taxation a burden for many.The intellectual capacities and educational accomplishments of its people determine the strength of a nation. Too many Canadians are not graduating from high school while many others are forgoing post secondary education. Those that complete post secondary education, graduate with a degree and a loan contract.  In One Canada, post secondary education will be free to all students.Canada’s myriad financial social services require a large bureaucracy to manage and qualify recipients. One Canada proposes rolling all our financial social services into a national guaranteed income plan to improve the lives of recipients instead of maintaining a government bureaucracy.

Confederation brought about hope of the regions growing, complimenting one another, even as they nurture the new Canada to become stronger and greater than sum of its parts.  The increasing power of the provinces created the decades old bickering between governments, now at a feverish pitch, fueled by the splintering of the national political representation into regional blocks. As the national voice was becoming a whisper, the provincial voices became louder and louder and is all that is heard by the people.

The Canadian federation has devolved into a State of Feudalism, where “passing the buck” is the common denominator between levels of governments and the federal system of governance has become the feudal system of government.  The federal government is now nearly an impotent custodian of Canadian citizenship. 

One Canada encourages every voting-age Canadian to join a political party, vote in every election, and to take control of every aspect of their own lives. One Canada is about the choices Canadians must make to live in prosperity and to create One Canada, The Greatest Country on Earth. This book will be a valuable resource to every Canadian in school, business, government and home.

One Canada is authored by Cecil Young, a longtime Mississauga resident, with thirty-year community service record, from politics, to sports, and charities.  He may be contacted at (905) 828-0592 and via e-mail at More information on One Canada is available at or Trafford Publishing at



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